What would be the sexiest thing/colors I could wear with my apperance?

I have blond and strawberry blond hair, pale skin, and Big dark brown eyes. Also my body is pretty evened out I'm not extremely skinny. But defiantly not fat. Also you can obviously see my picture too. I really wanna go all out and look stunning for my girlfriend when we go out. What would look best on me in your opinion?


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  • Do you know that "Tube" like dress that women always wear to clubs? That's the best outfit you can wear.

    • I have curves tho like on my waist. So in tube dresses I look kinda weird

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  • I think purple would look great.

  • I'm pretty sure you'll look good in anything


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  • wow your very pretty:)

    well id say something dark would really look nice with your skin or else ull just look too pale. colors such as deep purple, deep red, deep blue and deep green would look stunning:)

    as for the dress style, it'd b easier to tell you depending on what shape your figure is=]

    if you want to show off your legs more go short and if you want your neck and chest to be the statement then go for something longer=]

    if you want any more help lemme know=]

    all the best! x

    • Awe, thanks, you look super pretty too! I'm not 100% sure the shape I am. I have a small upper waist, but my lower waist is curvy, and my legs are pretty small. And thank so much

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    • I like it but it looks like it could be a bit too short, but would be hard to tell unless it was on someone.

    • yeah I guess so... looks like it'd b jus above the knees I reckon

  • First of all, you are beautiful.

    Why not choose something different?

    The color of your hair may not so obviously in the evening,

    so wear a cocktail dress has paillette or in fluorescence color.

    • What's and example of a paillette or fluorescence color? Cause I'm kind of like a guy when it comes to that kinda thing XD