Girls can just look at you confidently/blankly

So I'm filled with self-conciousness and its because of the way I was raised and my home environment.

I get spooked when women look at me. I can see in their eyes they see everything about me. they're so observant.

and because of the way I was raised I get so self-concious and think what the hell is she staring at me blankley for. I mean when I look at a womans eyes you can't fool them with frontin any insecurities you have they see everything.

now I got self-doubts lots of them about feeling my true value.

what do I do?

and how is it women are so confident. I mean its like they have nothing to fear.


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  • i think your being paranoid, women aren't espers and can't see through your soul, like guys girls are the same, they only see the surface at first glance and the first impression, the rest is just guess work and intuition, guys are just as observant as girls by the way, and both genders focus mainly on each others bodies and first impression

    if your nervous about the first impression part just act naturally, being conscious about it will just make you act up and look stupid or weird/creepy, so just loosen up and relax, acting natural goes a long way :)

    also, women aren't that confident, we have plenty of insecurities and are also very self conscious, but in public we act confident, some actually are but it doesn't make them any better, it just makes them have a lot of pride and respect in themselves, so don't be afraid of women :P


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  • you need to see us for what we really are-like you. we're not some magical mind readers,yes on average more women have the capacity for true empathy but we're just human.

  • sometimes I do stare at someone else without knowing, and sometimes I stare because he stare at me and henceforth I gave him a blank expression or a qn mark look. and sometimes I did that because I am attracted to him.


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  • Youre very right bro. Women look into your eyes (mostly subconsciously) to determine if you're a stable, centered man. A woman meets tons of guys a week, most who are trying to hit. She has to weed out the men from the boys. The best thing I can tell you if you don't feel confident is to looking into a girls eyes even tho it makes you uncomfortable. Its the only way. One thing I used to do is look into her eyes as if I want to headbutt her, smiling the whole time. The saying goes "If you're staring into somethings eyes long enough, you either want to kill it or f*** it." You want to convey the latter, even tho you may not want to f*** her (like, you probably don't want to f*** your mom or teacher, well I don't know LOL) because it also conveys that you are a man that is unwavered by anything.

    Hope that helps.

  • I think you don't understand women at all.