I'm insecure about my facial hair

I asked a question here but I think I didn't really explain what I want very well

I'm 21 and I have a baby face I look younger than my age..like 16 or something I need to carry my ID all the time to avoid awkward situations

so I decided to look masculine and then I grew my facial hair for two months and here's a link im37.gulfup.com/RPVEK.jpg

so as you see there's nothing on my cheeks and It doesn't look nice so I decided to trim a goatee ..im37.gulfup.com/GcSPh.jpg

It is not impressive to me I didn't like it honestly I kinda need a fashion advice or something like that because I don't know what actually satisfies me


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  • 5le sh3rk 6oel w aljwanb 5fef.. trying to tell you by arabic lol I'm not very good at English and arabic to give great answer :)

    • you said make your hair long and make the sides of your hair short? XD...It's nice to see someone speaks your mother language in a non-Arabic website..it's just cute..where are you from? your Arabic is nice

    • Yea that's what I mean:-) ,.I'm from Kurdistan, Iraq I'm kurdish

    • That's cool.. I'm from saudi arabia

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  • then grow it and keep it


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  • Goatee looks fine, lose the mustache.