At what point do you look forward to seeing someone again?

It is something they say, or something they do, or something you find out about them?


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  • I look forward to seeing someone if they go out of their way to put a positive spin on what took place between us. For example, if they make it clear that a disagreement about some topic of conversation doesn't mean they will hold it against you personally.

    How many girls are capable of separating a disagreement from their personal feelings about you? It's such a rare quality, such a rare occurrence, that I can't wait to see that person again!


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  • usually a good encounter but there 's been times I've had a bad encounter and look forward to seeing them again in the hopes they'll be in a better mood or I could try again . but normally you'd look forward to seeing someone cause they did something to make you happy or you saw some future potential in them


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