First time on a plane...I have Questions.

Okay, first of all in about 3 weeks I will be going on a trip and its my first time flying. Here are my questions:

1. What are the steps before getting to the plane


2. What are the steps before you reach the people waiting to pick you up?

Thanks, jessi


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  • 1. arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight is scheduled. you'll have to prove your identity, go through a security screening, and check in with an airline employee at the terminal. Visit this Government webpage for answers to all your questions about the identification you need, forbidden items, and other hints:


    2. are there any layovers, where you change planes at an airport? if so, find out which terminals you'll need to change at, and how long your layover is. A few times, I've had to run from one end of a huge airport to another, because there was only a 20 minutes layover.

    getting off the plane is usually easier than getting on the plane. The people who pick you up will need to know your airline and flight number, so they can meet you at the Delta terminal for Flight 448, which is scheduled to land at 7.35 pm (for example). If you have tickets, all this information will be printed on the tickets, or online.

    A few more tips:

    -when you get on the plane, if you have a backpack as your carry on, carry the backpack on your chest like you're hugging it, not on your back. this makes it easier to put the bag in storage, or under your seat.

    -if you've never flown before, get a window seat if it's an option. the views from 40,000 feet are amazing.

    -expect some dull waiting at the airports. take a book, iPod, magazine, notepad, or something to fill your time.

    -pack as lightly as possible. luggage can be a real hassle, so take as few items as possible (for example, don't overload on socks or underwear, because you can wash 'em in a bathroom sink and air-dry 'em as you go). unless you need formal clothes (like for a wedding), worry about comfort more than style.

    -If your clothes get wrinkled, hang them in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will remove most of the wrinkles.

    -if you take any medication, bring a copy of the prescription from your doctor -- especially if you take an unusual or controlled drug.

    -if you're checking any luggage, call the airport 2 or 3 times to confirm the restrictions. the rules change all the time, and the employees can get mixed up, so make sure your baggage isn't too big, or too heavy. it really sucks when your luggage is too big, and you have to scrounge up a smaller carboard box and send half your clothes home with the people who brought you (Don't laugh! I've seen it happen!).

    -be safe. be aware of your surroundings in the new place. it can be a little disorienting to visit a new place, so be extra careful. not paranoid, but remember that you don't know all the rules, even in a new American town.

    -have fun!

    • Thank you, I think that aswered most of my questions.

      Also if you wouldn't mind I have one more question.

      My dad is going to be taking me and I was wonering from the point I leave him how long is it til I get to where I wait for my plane?


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    • Thank you. I was really nervous cause I haven't been in a plane and I am going alone so I feel alittle better now.

    • I understand being a little nervous, especially if you're alone.

      But I think flying is a lot of fun, so try to enjoy the newness of the experience.

      In general, the airport and airline employees are very kind and helpful, so if you have questions ask someone in a uniform.

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  • well it really depends on what airline you're flying and what airport you're going through, but I hope this helps

    when you get there you'll check in and check your luggage if you're flying with luggage. then you'll go through security. I don't know where you're flying from, but most places just have the big security metal detector and they scan your luggage, if you make the metal detector go off then they go over you with one of those little stick metal detectors (at one airport in germany I was at, they only used the little metal detector)

    then after security, you go and wait in your terminal until your flight gets there, and then you'll board

    when you get off the plane, basically you just go get your checked luggage and then there will be signs directing you where to go...sometimes its a little confusing, if you're really confused just ask someone who works there

    • Do you meet up with the people waiting for you before you get your luggage?

    • Nope, you get your luggage before then from baggage claim there should be signs pointing to where you should go

  • Check in, then you go through security (have your boarding pass and photo ID out), then you board the plane.

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