Do guys notice stretch marks?

I was pregnant before (something I'm not proud of and don't usually like discussing).. afterwards I grew tons of stretch marks. They're like.. on my hips, my boobs, and on my lower back. I find them disgusting, but then again, I suppose I view my body completely different then any guy would.

I'm just wondering how noticeable or I guess.. important are they? Important meaning are they as disgusting and unappealing as most girls find them to be?


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  • When I lose myself staring in a girls eyes, I'm not worrying about stretch marks or anything. I think a guy who like to date more often might, when compared to a guy who doesn't. Because he is out and about more often, and more often looking for a mate or however he views it, and becomes more selective when looking for who is compatible with himself. But that's not all guys, we're all different * cheers hope it helped.


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  • You know I had them after my daughter. You can use cocoa butter with vitamin E. Even if they are old. You have to do it twice a day but, it really works. Sorry I am not a dude and can't answer your question but this might help!

    • Thank you soo much! I've been told that if you just regularly use cocoa butter that it would prevent it, but I didn't know it would help them to disappear/become less noticeable. Really, I appreciate it. I've been paranoid, haha.

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