Is there a way to pull off black hair with platinum highlights? Or do gold higlights

look better on black hair in your opinion? Because I wanted to wear a sew in weave with some color but I do not want to bleach my hair, and I do not want to go around looking like a xmen character either. Any pictures of styles that make this color scheme look less fantasy like?

I decided to just keep my hair dark brown


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  • You can try having the top layer be platinum and the bottom being black or the other way around.

    Black top layer and platinum bottom layer.

    In the weave, have the length of the bottom hair be a couple of inches longer than the top.

    It will have a nice layered effect to it.

    To me that is the safe way to when trying a new hair color.

    If you like it eventually you can play with that color by highlighting it or even doing the whole head that way.


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  • Too much contrast. Don't do it. You will end up looking like this, link which looks tacky as hell imo. Try platinum blond clip-on extensions-which are not damaging- on your black hair and see how it looks like. If you like it, go for it.

  • XD When I first saw your question I immediately thought of Koda Kumi. link

    I think one day I will do my hair like hers is in the Hot Stuff mv . I love the blond on top black on bottom mix on her! So gorgeous...

    • she looks pretty and has a nice singing voice

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    • its that money lol

    • Definitely! ha ha.

      & I wish you great success with your awesome hairstyle look (whenever you do try it)! ^__^

  • I'm on a sh*tty phone so I can't give you pics, sorry

    Google search Rihanna.she once had a short black cut with platinum/white pieces in it.

    Black and platinum could be cute in a striking way but gold is safer.I think Kerri hilsons first hair style when she came out was black with gold in the front

  • the contrast is too great, it will look stupid. I'm a light brown and even my color is JUST light enough to pull off pale blond highlights. the roots will be awful.

    • my hair was bleached at first and I dyed it dark brown, but now it faded and my hair looks dusty browneven when clean. I don't know what to do with the color

    • Maybe a warmer color. Just ask the stylist I think done highlights maybe lowlights too but not platinum.

  • do gold... platinum will look like a skunk...