How do some guys make it look so easy?

I don't understand how some of these lame, douchey guys get the girls so easily and I'm just standing here dazed and confused

i mean I can talk with females converse and crack jokes all day

being flirty on the other hand is something left to be desired

friend of mine told me being assertive is the key, just to go up to a girl and tell em how you feel straight up

is this the case? what piece of the puzzle am I missing here?


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  • There are worse things then telling a girl how you feel, like doing nothing, but in such a case it only works if the feelings are mutual. It's not very charming unless your a master of words and hit aspects she's been daydreaming about coming true. I.e. It won't win you the girl but it will bring to light anything that's been there from the start.

    Guys who make attracting girls easily are assertive in nature, that parts true, but it's not so much about telling another person what you're feeling, it's about showing your true intent so she experiences the emotions first hand; charming in both words and actions.


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  • haha girls are the same.. I think I have SOME natural sexiness... but some girls... dang I just can't compete...

  • Because they have confidence and are usually hot


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  • Don't be subtle. You chat it up with no intentions and no resolve so you miss you ten min. timeframe and end up being yet another weak assclown trying to talk some game.