How hard is it for guys to 'pitch in'?

I'm not talking doing everything every day but...

When the dishwasher is full, start it up.

If the dishes are clean, put em away.

Putting the dishes IN the dishwasher once you're done.

Quickly wiping the counter after making a sandwich - if anything onto the floor. You don't necessarily need a rag!

Putting your dirty clothes into the hamper & not on the floor

Emptying the garbage can when its full

Pushing the chairs in when done at a/the table

Taking shoes (dirty shoes) off in the 'mud room' instead of trapsing through the house...especially after your lady cleaned! lol

Help clear the table after meals instead of sitting your butt on a lay z boy & watching TV

Does wanting this make me crazy?


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  • It's not just men... It's where you come from and how you were raised that makes the biggest impact on this behavior. I've seen complete slob behavior from women, too.

    My mother was a nurse for years and my childhood home was impeccably clean. I was taught from a young age to be neat, orderly, and responsible for cleaning up my own mess, and I still do to this day.

    Sounds like your boyfriend or husband is being a slob. Talk to him about it. Don't stew over the behavior, it's only making you upset.


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  • I do just about about everything on the list except for the clothes on the floor sometimes, but they aren't dirty. I was raised by Catholics, they don't take laziness very well...

    • LOL I'm Catholic! Its not 'catholics'...its how you were raised honestly. Both my folks are catholic & (obviously) they are complete opposites. Mom does the work & dad's this context. He does work, don't get me wrong!

  • I'm not sure how hard it is for guys, but both guys and girls should do their best.

    Unless there is some kind of agreement between a man and a woman, or unless there is some physical or mental disability, then both people can do their best.

    I'd say that guys are not as good at doing chores though, seeing as how girls have been used to doing chores for a long time. Times are changing though, although in places like the US, it's a lot more progressive in this area.

  • No that's your job.

    As frustrating as it sounds, just suck it up and learn your place.

    Men complain about hard labor in the house too. What if a tree falls down your yard? Its a mans job to chop it off or take it out. And with all the aches and pain, he wishes his wife would come and help.

    It goes both ways.

  • Guys have the ability to 'not see' some of these things

  • Yes women want the man to make all the money and then do all the work..but it is 2013 and this is todays world

    • Dude! I'm not saying ALL the work! Overanalyze much?

    • I am saying what society expects of men.

  • LOL...yet another whiny woman who surrounds herself with low quality people and then can't understand why she can't get them to do everything for her.

    • Excuse me?! I BUST my ass bub! Lazy ass.

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    • Don't say that unless it's what you want. Despite what the bitter, disenfranchised girls here love to say, there are plenty of good men to be found out there. If you want one, go find him. I hope you do. Good luck.

    • thank you :]

  • is this your son? or your boyfriend...

    • My father. I don't want my hubby to be like that. Myold female roommate was (is) like that!

  • Feminism!


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  • I don't see how this rant is only applicable to men...hell I'm pretty messy myself lol.

  • That's guys for you. Worthless.

  • Ugh freaking men. It's not that hard.