Guys and Girls: What's the difference between: Cute, sexy, pretty, and Beautiful (how would you define them?)

How would you define:





If you had to choose ONE of these for your boyfriend/girlfriend to be... Which would you choose?


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  • Ok here goes. Step 1- I'll give one word that comes to mind other than the word. Then I'll describe it more in detail. =)

    Cute- adorable. When you have a cute giggle, and without trying act (cute), and being funny is cute too! More girls fall under this than any of the 4.

    Pretty- Ideal. When you have a great body and smile, most guys will get that 'weak at the knees', or point you out on the quiet to his friend or friends with him. This would be the 2nd most common of the 4

    Beautiful- Wow! Drop dead, head turner, just got it in all the right places. This is the least common of the 4, and the reason it is less common than sexy is because all beautiful girls are sexy but not all sexy girls are beautiful.

    Sexy- Athletic. A girl that is thin and in shape, runs a lot or works out a lot. The only reason being sexy is less common than being pretty is that naturally, girls are more pretty. Being sexy is when a guy thinks of sexual things first, because believe it or not we don't always think sex first.

    To me I prefer my girl to be pretty. The reason is because a girl that is pretty (IMO) is also sexy and cute. There is something about the girls cuteness that is pretty and sexy. I have a complicated way of thinking about this, but I hope it helps!


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  • Cute more means a person is adorable and that she is I guess appears young and innocent

    Pretty more means that she is not only attractive but she also has a great personality

    Beautiful means the same as pretty but it means much more it means she is an amazing person and she is the person any guy should want

    Sexy means that she is attractive and that is it she is a person people would want to have sex with.

    • I must take issue for your definition of "pretty", specifically the fact that you think that it has to do with personality. If anything, prettiness is the only one of these words that doesn't have anything to do with non-physical attractiveness. "Pretty" implies only a "pretty" outer appearance, whereas cuteness, beauty, and sexiness are all related both to the inside and outside of a person.

  • Cute.

    Good looking, but not obviously sexually.

    Claire Danes - Juliet - Romeo + Juliet.

    Gillian Anderson - Scully - X-Files.


    Like cute, but more sexual.

    Patricia Heaton - Deborah - Everybody Loves Raymond

    Julie Benz - Rita - Dexter


    Sexually appealing outright

    Scarlett Johannson

    Jessica Alba


    Someone that's pretty, but classy, elegant.

    Audrey Hepburn

    Miranda Otto

    There are some people that can jump between these distinctions. Anne Hathaway is one that comes to mind, another is Monicca Belluicci.

  • Is she cute? - Yes, the way she is standing there naked after taking a bath.

    everything so attractive and natural about her ...

    Pretty. She can look pretty after I see her slip on the hot, fresh dogsh*t that she didn't see, and she sits there with this pout, looking up at me and quietly getting ready to cry.

    Sexy...depends whether she is wearing clothes.

    Beautiful...that could go back to the moment of watching her slip on the dogsh*t.

    and cute would be my choice in a girl.

    Every girl is unique in her beauty, and she can be pretty one day with one moment,

    she can be sexy the same night and look beautiful later after the night has passed.


  • Cute, I guess is kind of related to youth and just general adorableness. I don't really know how I would define it.

    Pretty is like a lesser version of beautiful.

    Beautiful would be just generally attractive.

    And sexy would be attractive and in a way that would make me want to have sex? I don't know. Something like that.

    If I could only choose one for my girlfriend to be, I would choose cute.

  • Heres my definitions:

    Cute - somone that makes you smile because of the way they act or do things

    Pretty- A woman who looks good when all dressed up but lacks natural beauty

    Beautiful- A woman that looks good any and every time you see her, a woman with natural beauty.

    Sexy- A woman who is physically attractive but probally isn't very good girlfriend material.

    I would choose beautiful and do everyday and she blushes every time and denies it ofcourse and I love that, she is so modest.

  • Cute is my general term for women who I think have some attractive feature.

    Pretty is someone who's usually older than me (Which is easy right now, heh) that I wouldn't consider dating but is attractive

    Beautiful is someone who I love or care about and are very attractive, inside and out

    I never say sexy. Only met one person I thought was sexy in my whole life.

  • Cute -> Baby Sister

    Pretty -> Grown-Up Sister

    Beautiful ->Sister's Friend

    Sexy -> What I see in the mirror.

    Haha, sorry. I'm 100% serious here. Of course I haven't slept for like 20 hours, but hey that seems right. (I kid.)

  • Cute- Someone you would love to hug usually petite, small boobs, nice cute ass and thin. Friendly funny personality

    Pretty- Someoen who looks good and is generally not aggresive medium height medium everything pretty much. Not much on personality

    Beautiful- Same as pretty

    Sexy- For a guy its the instinct where you want to have sex with her. Its not someone you would live your life with just someone who you would like to screw and leave. Defined by big long hair sexy curls, blonde hair, large firm boobs, large tight ass and a ton of curves with not a lot of fat.

    I would prefer Cute for a long term relationship, pretty/beautiful for both, and sexy for a short term relationship/ 1 night stand.

  • cute=someone you like inside and out

    pretty=would give a second look

    beautiful=someone you would be happy to come home and see everyday

    sexy=pure sexual attraction

  • beautiful is the one I use that's the one that means that you really like her and respect her.

    pretty is like beautiful but more mild and more loosly thrown around

    sexy is usually somone trying to get some or quickly build a relationship

    cute is like but pretty and beautiful but its the safe one that can be aborted if the girls doesn't like you back

    beautiful and pretty- gentle man compliments

    sexy - sleazeball

    cute- conservative not sure yet guy

    hope it helped

    the guy from up high

  • I myself would rather say that the girl I am currently dating is cute. Because it says that you find them attractive but also respect them enough not to blurt out something retarded.

  • cute would be like an okay looking girl that was a good smile or something simple that's attractive. pretty would be a good looking girl..simple. beautiful would be like model drop dead gorgeous girl. sexy would be like sorta slutty and showin off skin that sorta thing..those are juss my thoughts

  • Cute is the most "childish" and sexy is the most "adult" and the other two are somewhere in there.

    I would go for beautiful.

  • most definitely cute

  • they all mean the same thing to me

  • cute- is usually someone shorter with smaller features, and a roundish face.

    pretty- Someone that is average, doesn't really stand out in a crowd.

    beautiful- someone stunning, perfect completion, and draws attention to herself even when in a crowded place

    sexy- Someone who has a sex appeal, someone who you want to be with al the time, you can't get your head around her.

    I personally would prefer sexy, because that usually beautiful or pretty comes in the same package as sexy.

  • cute : a friendly nice looking girl.

    pretty : a little more personal than cute.

    Beautiful : nice / classy clothes, nice everything (from legs to hair) the most meaningful.

    sexy : nice body, showing a lot of skin.

  • Cute, I would say is something you would say to someone you consider to be attractive, but perhaps a little young. Sexy is somewhat exotic and mature. Beautiful is a strong version of pretty, and means very attractive physically, mainly face. Pretty is quite average. When I say pretty, it doesn't mean much.


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  • cute=adorable, next door neighbour look or loveable

    pretty=someone who is physically girly/ ie. nice looking, dresses well

    beautiful=has nice features

    sexy=i think they're sexy lol

    i don't have a bf, so I guess that part doesn't apply to me.

  • cute- is like aww ur cute but you have some flaws

    pretty- pretty is like yeah you got it like that but you are not as hot as her

    beautiful- is like you have it all and ur boyfriend/girlfriend love everything about u

    sexy- is like sexual yet alluring and makes you feel amazing about ur body as well as beautiful

    and if I had to pick one 2 be called..i would choose beautiful

  • Cute - like pretty attractive but not not "out of my league", has a good personality and does cute things, etc.

    Pretty/Beautiful - Don't use this on guys, haha.

    Sexy - really uber hot but I'd probably never go out with them.

  • When I call a guy cute it's only about personality-they have a nice personality or are sweet/say something sweet-that makes me think they are cute. For me it has nothing to do with how the guy looks. I would never call a guy pretty lol or beautiful but I would call him gorgeous which I think is the equivilent (sp?) and that would mean he is really good looking. I would call a guy sexy if he was really hot and I wanted to f*** him lol. I think gorgeous and sexy are similar though if I call a guy that. For girls, personally, I would rather be called anything than cute-it just sounds really patronizing to me, it really annoys me when people call me cute. If I had to choose one to call a boyfriend I would call him sexy.

  • Cute- there's nothing intimidating about him so he's easy to talk to, easy to be friends with

    Pretty- Kinda girly, something distinctly 'model'esque about him

    Beautiful- The perfect guy who's attitude and personality only intensifies his physical features.

    Sexy- attractive on a pure physical level

  • I sometimes get confused when a guy calls me, cute, pretty, beautiful and sexy. I haven't been called pretty or cute that much mainly beautiful and sometimes sexy. I would think that Cute is used toward someone whos not that pretty but, has something attractive about them. Pretty I use when my mom asks me how she looks, Beautiful is very attractive inside and out, and sexy is when a guy "really" likes what he sees. How close am I guys?

  • cute: "okay" looking. has a nice face, great smile, attractive at first sight

    pretty: same as cute except a bit more girly

    beautiful: breathtakingly amazing to even look at for a single moment

    sexy: attractive body-wise. its not even the face anymore, it's the flirting style, the type of walk, the muscles, ability to help out, etc. especially confidence.

    i'd want my guy to be...

    cute beautiful AND sexy

    pretty's o.k.

  • women

    1)beautiful (beautiful face wow)

    2)pretty (pretty face dresses nice)

    3)cute (this would apply to your little sister)

    sexy applies to 1,2,3 it depends on what she is wearing


    cute, handsome, hot, fine

    1) fine

    2) cute, handsome, hot

  • cute = inocent...=/

    pretty = average kind mainly face.

    beautiful = very attractive, beautiful a word coming from your heart.

    sexy = exotic from the inside kind of standing out.

    i would choose beautiful.

  • cute - personality trait..they are kind and sweet

    pretty- ok looking naturally, but puts in effort

    beautiful- naturally attractive without needing to put effort it

    sexy- looks great but its just a product.

    i would want a handsome bf.