Information about Shuri-te Karate/tode-jutsu?

To better understand my style of karate (shotokan) I would like to know about it's ancestor style, the Tode from the villiage of shuri. Unfortunately the only shuri-te dojo in my city only allows women, as they apparrently often feel undervalued in mixed gender karate classes. I have been unable to find the information I seek using google.

Can a practitioner enlighten me on the basic movements and concepts of shuri-te. in particular the blocks and blocking concepts. links to videos welcome and helpful.

the basic blocks of shotokan (which I am trying to fully understand) are in the link below, referring to them may help with your explanation.



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  • I've taken some Karate, but it was Americanized, so I am unfamiliar with Shuri-te. I've done some research, and I was able to find that it was a pre-WW2 form of Karate originating from Shuri, which was the old capital city of the Ryukyu Kingdom, that has since been laregely suceeded by Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Shorin-ryu, Shudokan, Shorinji-ryu, and Motobu-ryu. Here is a link that shows the genealogy of Shuri-te and how it evolved into the modern Karate forms: link

    I've also found a list of Katas that are important in Shuri-te:

    Naihanchi: link

    Pinan: link

    Kusanku: link

    Passai: link

    Jion: link

    Jitte: link

    Rohai: link

    Chinto: link

    Gojushiho: link

    I was able to find a few Shuri-te videos, but they are mostly advanced demonstrations, I couldn't find any beginner videos. Sorry that I wasn't more help.