If your boyfriend looks at other females should you stop having sex with him?

Me and My boyfriend have been together for 8 years now. I've told him time and time again that it hurts me or doesn't make me feel like I am not enough for him when we are out somewhere together and he is looking at other women he admitted to me that he checks out females while he is at work. Is this reason enough not to have sex with him?


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  • If he is ogling them or making comments then that is really disrespectful and I wouldn't have sex with someone who treated me like that. He should have enough respect to not make it obvious that he looks at other girls. But if he's just looking then there's no harm in that because all men do it. Don't stop sex to punish him or that may push him to get it elsewhere. Are you being overdramatic or is he being disrespectful?

    • I see it as him being disresectful. I don't think I'm being overdramatic because I feel like if we do have sex he might be fantasizing about these females while we are in th act. I trust him enough to know that he won't look for it anywhere else.

    • Well you can't control his thoughts. I mean women look too (at least I know I do) for all he knows you might think about other men...if he's with you then he's with you. If he is a good guy overall and the only thing he does is look then I think you shouldnt let it bother you. All guys look at women, every last one of them unless they are blind. Its just something they do and its not like they have emotions for them, they are programmed by nature to notice women

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  • Unfortunately all guys do that.

    All you can do is maintain looking hot for him and know that you are in the league too.