I need help from all of you! please?

hey there,

Should I just face the truth that I will never be with pretty average or good looking girls? about my look girls gave me 7 out 10

i know its kinda hard to get pretty average or good looking girl

my situation sounds like in one of james blunt song called

"your beautiful"


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  • No way! First of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So some ugly girl may think that you're the most ugly person in the world, but some beautiful girl may think you're the most handsome person you've ever laid eyes on! Everyone has different opinions. I like brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. My best friend likes brown hair, blue eyes, and super skinny. Another one of my friends likes blonde's. If one girl turns you down, then it's her loss. I used to think that I was really ugly. I am super pale (I look like a ghost!) and I have dark hair. I used to want brown hair and brown eyes. Then I met a guy who actually thought I was much prettier than all the other girls because I was different :) you just have to find the right girl! Don't think that you won't be with pretty girls because if you think like that, then you never will! Just be confident and if you think a girl is pretty, then approach her! Who knows? You're probably better looking than you think you are!

    • thanx for your useful advice..the point is I'm not interested with the hot or great looking girl because I know that they are all out of my league like better I'm standing beyond the boundary between me and her.

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  • who needs the hottest of girls?

    just be with those you like.

    • what I mean is I'm not looking for great or hot looking girl..am interested with pretty average or good looking but not the hottest or greatest..haha

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