Anyone who was in boot camp for the marines?

My significant other sent me a rosary I'm guessing he got while in boot camp, it's big kind of bulky. He's getting his first communion done while he's there and I write him letters regularly. I was wondering if I could mail him a small rosary. It's delicate and wouldn't be bulky at all. I know your not supposed to send anything besides letters but I figured since its religious they'd allow it? I'd put it in an envelope along with a letter and mail it to him


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  • I think it is a good idea and it will help him spiritually. Since a rosary is a small item he can fit it into his pocket. I have read that you can also send a bible as long as it is sent directly to that person. If a bible can be sent than a rosary can be sent too. It all depends it might be better to give to him in person to see his reaction.

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