Bigger women are more socially acceptable than bigger men?

Do you guys agree with this?

I have noticed that it is extremely rare (at least where I live) to see an overweight guy, in fact when I see an overweight guy I find it very strange as to why would he be overweight. I also find myself judging their look. As to women, I see overweight women everyday. I would most likely look and think "Oh she's overweight" but I do not find it as a big of a deal as when I see a big man.

It is almost as if my eyes have accustomed to seeing skinny guys, and skinny guys only, anything other than that is viewed to me as odd and unnatural.

I'm not trying to be sexist or anything here, but what do you guys think about this?


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  • I think bigger men are more socially acceptable then bigger women.

    Women are encouraged to be physically beautiful, or else guys won't find them attractive. Even in real life, you find men who despite being overweight, still manage to find other means to attract women (personality, money, etc).

    Men however, are incredibly visual creatures, and if you aren't beautiful in a superficial sense, there's not a very good chance that a guy will randomly walk up to you and start a conversation with you. It sounds superficial, and it is, but it's the truth.

    • Hey, me liking skinny guys is also superficial.

      A couple of my guy friends told me that "You know when a guy is full of sh*t when he says he only goes for the girl's personality" Unless you're desperate for sex.

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  • In north America, if you're white and well off, the women are much more likely to be thin.

    If you're working class, everyone's more likely to be overweight, but the men are a little less overweight.

    Also, there are differences in region, south vs. north east urban vs. rural etc. The area I work in, there are masses of pedestrians, people shopping, etc, and its quite rare to see obese people. Where I live? Much more common.

    I'd guess a woman who is slightly overweight is still viewed as sexy by a fair number of men, where the standard for men to be hot is much higher. however, further along the curve, women fall off a cliff in terms of attraction once they pass some weight, men it seems to matter less.

    Basically women seem to find most men not that good looking, so being overweight doesn't change things that much for them. Men consider a lot of women good looking, so way more women are in a situation where weight radically impacts how desired they are.

    • An interesting theory about the "Women find most men not that good looking" I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with you.

      I liked the perspective though.

  • there's a variety of factors, as some others have said.

    In the eyes of society, I think overweight men are more acceptable.

    In the eyes of the game of attraction, I think overweight women are more acceptable.

    In both cases, I mean overweight in a more reasonable spectrum. Like, "chubby" or something. Not someone who has their own gravitational pull. That's usually unacceptable no matter what.

    Keep in mind, proportions matter. One could be overweight but still have good proportions.

    • I dunno, it's just that something about a guy being skinny makes him REALLY hawt. Lol.

    • yeah, like I said in regards to the game of attraction, overweight women are more acceptable, which also implies overweight men are NOT, so you aren't feeling anything abnormal lol. Also, it could be also because you said you only see skinny guys in your town, right? Our surroundings and environment have great influences on us.

    • That's probably it. The fact that overweight guys are so rare to see makes them a bit unacceptable.

  • I have seen many overweight men with gorgeous women before. It does happen of course when you live in America, most people are overweight. As for bigger women, I myself don't mind them that much. They are usually very nice people compared to the skinny girls who are usually huge bitches.

    • Really? Funny, cause most of the overweight women that I know aren't usually nice. But then, that might be because of gender. Sometimes girls are nicer to guys than they are to chicks.

  • I think that's your personal point of view. Everyone doesn't judge people they pass, and not everyone who does superficially judge people, will do so on their weight, or in the same way you do.

    • Are you for real?

      I may be very aware of my surroundings, not everyone is that observant. But everyone stares at the odd thing that passes them by.

      Are you telling me that, if some huge woman walks by you, you wouldn't look at her and laugh your ass off inside? F***ing bullsh*t, unless of course you are one of those huge women.

    • Nope. I'm just not a pathetic mess like you.

    • You must have to have an extremely low self esteme to have to compare yourself to some 300 pound woman to make yourself feel better. I hope I never hit rock bottom like that.

  • Although this is an older question I just wanted to answer because I see the same in my place. Seems like the feminist "body acceptance" movement has managed to change peoples opinions at least to some extent, all while men are expected to keep fit.

    This is a beach area though, may have something to do with it. A good set of abs is almost a prerequisite to have a chance of getting any woman here (including the ones that don't go to the gym themselves)

  • I've seen the opposite. Bigger women are treated worse from what I've seen. Guys aren't treated that much worse and are still desirable to women because women find the majority of guys unattractive and that's why wealth and humor is so important for guys to have

    • The "Women find majority of guys unattractive" thing, this is brand new yeah? Cause personally I've never heard of such a thing.

    • I hear it all the time and a lot of women on here agree with it

    • I've never heard it from anyone before... Weird.

  • Men are more willing to lower their standards than women are. So that is normal in the dating world. Hollywood also talks about how fat women are "real women" and pretends like being fat is not as painful for a guy. Fat men in Hollywood are seen as stupid jokes. Even the term BBW has arisen to ease a woman's feelings about being fat. So I think it is a lot more socially acceptable to be a bigger woman than bigger man.

    • lowering standards does not mean lower standards.

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    • I never said they were perceived as attractive, but they are lifted up to a position that it is wrong to make fun of a woman for being fat. Fat guys are just made fun off all the time in the media. So there is no social stigma attached to making fun of fat guys, like there is to fat women. You are correct about overweight women claiming to be real women in order to feel better.

    • Ahaha, yes. I understand what you mean. And yes, I agree. The media is encouraging us now, to refrain from making fun of overweight women. I suppose it's a feminist thing.

  • It depends on what we're talking about. For example, in Hollywood, it's more socially acceptable for men to be overweight. In the dating world, I think it's more acceptable to be a woman. I've heard quite a few guys express their interest in bigger women. I haven't heard any (that I recall) women saying they are attracted to bigger guys. I'm sure there are some, but it's not the same amount as guys.

    • I do not agree with the hollywood point of you, as mostly fat men in movies are viewed as either stupid or Mister the-only-good-thing-about-me-is-my-sense-of-humor.

      It's funny cause one of my guy friend told me, it is easier to have sex with a fat woman.

      One of my female friends like bigger guys. (I was quite shocked to be honest).

  • I see way more bigger guys with skinny girls then the opposite. I have seen a lot of black guys with overweight white women though for whatever reason, it may be their preference.

    • Interesting, we don't have much black people here so I wouldn't know about that.

      But yes, you see a lot of fit guys with overweight chicks.

    • Weird.

    • Bigger boobs?

  • I don't know where you live, but in the USA, 75% of men are overweight or obese (and 65% of women). But the number of women who are extremely obese is double the number of men (8% versus 4%), so maybe that's a factor in your perceptions.

    I do think, though, that it is more socially acceptable in a sense for a woman to be overweight. We're constantly told about how important female body image is. We do often excuse overweight and obese women as being 'curvy' or 'BBW' or 'real women'. We don't do that for overweight and obese men.


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  • Bigger women are more socially acceptable than bigger men?

    I highly doubt that considering it seems gals unlike guys are solely/mainly valued for their beauty and fat is seen as repulsive and gals also unlike guys tend to have quite high unrealistic body expectations where any fat on a gal is noticed unlike a guy.

    It's quite telling how often overweight gals use tags like 'curvy', 'bbw', and 'real women' while guys do not suggesting that gals have to justify any lacking beauty appeal while guys do not.

    Possibly more telling is how you state you noticed it's extremely rare to see an overweight guy but you see overweight gals everyday which may be an indication of the different standards for guys and gals where fat is way more noticed in gals to the point where it's a common norm in many countries for a gal in the healthy range to be considered chubby.

    I'm not trying to be sexist or anything here, but what do you guys think about this?

    I think your statement ' I would most likely look and think "Oh she's overweight" but I do not find it as a big of a deal as when I see a big man. ' doubts this notion of it being more socially acceptable for gals to be fat as you seemed to state you make note of when a gal is fat but don't find it as big of deal when a guy is fat.

    • The thing is, most guys these days work their asses off to have a good body. I mean, most of them are obsessed with working out. That's why it is so strange to see a guy with a stomach, because honestly it's rare to talk to a guy who does not workout.

      Women on the other hand, might be chubby or overweight yet they still get an attention from men. I had a girl once say that she "Does not need to lose weight anymore, because now she has a boyfriend".

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    • I know you're being sarcastic with the congrats hence why I commented on how that shows you're being sensitive. When asked how you got I said you're sexist because you like skinny guys rather than make a simple statement explaining how you got that conclusion you took it as something to argue over and went all snippy sarcastic and argumentative.

      Anyways you were amusing and your comments have supported my guess. Laters or continue the loop you feel you're in within the argument you're in.

    • Totally agree with you, that was fun regardless of whatever we did or did not say and something about making a statement. Cheers.

  • i think it's just you,or your area. fat girls are insulted all the time over here,and on the internet. same goes for fat guys,i haven't noticed any difference in treatment. it should be that they're more accepted,since women naturally accumulate more fat,but I haven't actually seen it in action.

    • Really? In my area there are LOADS of fat chicks, they can date as much as guys as a skinny girl can. They do get made fun of, of course I mean this is how the world works. But there are almost no overweight guys.

      Chicks do accumulate more fat. lol.

  • ummmmm, that's tough. maybe you just completely over look fat guys, and only pay attention to the average ones. but you look at all women (because, lets face it, us women pay attention to each other) I've seen and know over weight men. and also know over weight women. I couldn't tell you which gender is more prone to be over weight. men build muscle really good. and women just have babies. sooo, hahaha, idk.

  • as someone pointed out. what is advertised as ' chubby ' for women is usually within a healthy weight range. guys build muscle easier so its more difficult for them to appear chubby at a healthy weight.

  • um, not at all.

  • I used to be very fat. I was bullied, teased, tortured by everyone I knew for my weight. And many other big women I knew had the same experiences.

    My brother, and all of his friends were all much bigger than me and they were never teased once about their weight. They were actually popular, getting women (good looking women) all the time. To this day, my brother is huge and no one ever says anything to him, not even my mother who still yells at me when I eat something unhealthy around her because, "You're going to gain it all back!"

    I think big men are much more accepted than big women, in general.

    As for seeing more of one or the other, I see it as 50/50.

    • Funny, cause I used to be fat too. Lost it around 3 years ago. I was hella teased by my female friends, I became obsessed with dieting, I didn't have problems when it came to boys though.

      As to your brother, we had a couple of guys who played football in high school and they were like HUGE! They were super popular and got chicks too. But to be honest I don't see it frequently, I mean I rarely see it happening. Depends on the person, I guess?

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    • Congratulations to you too :-D

    • Thank you. Much appreciated.

  • I think bigger women have it harder actually

  • hell no.

    obese men and women probably have it equally hard, but for just plain chubby and overweight, it's definitely worse to be female, because men place more importance on looks (as guys on this site take great pains to defend) and because the women are held to harsher standards when it comes to weight, a girl can be unhealthy/borderline thin and considered the height of beauty, while "chubby" begins well within a healthy weight range.

    for men, people are much more forgiving of a little beef, it's considered manly and strong.

    • Hahahaha, yes guys here are all like "I wanna nice chick with an attractive personality" cause you know, they wanna have sex with the personality.

      I suppose I'm not one of those people who's forgiving, I mean I work my ass off to try and be skinny, I expect my man to try and look good as well.

  • Depends on what you're talking about

    For sex and dating, it's harder for fat guys

    When it comes to Hollywood or marriage, it's much harder for fat women

    Now that more and more women are voicing that they ARE a visual gender, fat guys have been getting the brunt of things.

    • I'm talking about real life, not hollywood sh*t. Really sick of stars pretending to be just like everybody else.

      But you do have a good point.

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