Can I turn 'no' to 'yes'?

I was flirting with a girl in my classroom for a month. She looked at me, smiled at me, I looked at her, smiled at her too many times and finally I decided to tell her what I was feeling. We didn't talk to each other yet, we only had eye contact. Unfortunately, it was only possible to talk to her by Facebook chat...and surprisingly she said 'no' - she didn't feel the same for me. I spent some time wondering how could it be because she was giving me all the interests signals. Back to the classroom, she took one week to start to stare at me again and I'm thinking about a second chance possibility...Can I make this work or its better to move on? If yes, how can I make this work?

The point is that she was the one who started to flirt. She suddenly start to stare at me and smile and I was like 'wow, this girl is amazing'. Weeks later I told her what I was feeling and she said that it was intentionless. Ok. Vacations came and end. Back to classroom she restart to do the same things she did before...She doesn't do that to other guys or even girls so I think that is not just to be nice with me and mainly now that she know my intentions and my feelings...What should I do?


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  • Move on.

    I don't understand why guys think they can turn a no into a yes, with something like that.

    Unless, you magically somehow happened to change her mind with your 'charm'.

    No means no. Is that so hard to understand?

    It's not surprising that she said no. - A girl can always smile back because you're smiling at her.

    Smiling to be nice.

    • I think that she's flirting just for fun or to get attention..Girls do things like that?

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  • Get used to the word "no". It is the most used word in the female language.