Are my old fashioned morals dumb?

So I was raised kind of old fashioned, I typically only talk to women I find attractive, and the more I talk to them the more I typically like them, well the problem is is that a lot of times the women will get a boyfriend, and I feel like whenever a girl that I talk to gets a boyfriend that I should stop talking to them because it is disrespectful, I've been talking to this chick that lives half way around the world everyday for about a month now, obviously you can only get so close to someone you've never met, but she just got a boyfriend and I told her about my whole morals thing, she seemed to think it was dumb, and easily said goodbye to me, but I sort of feel dumb about it now, should I give up on these morals or are they the correct way to go? considering that the more I talk to her the more ill probably start to like her, and we flirt quite a bit.


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  • it's not dumb at all

    i have loads of male friends that stopped being friends with me because I got a boyfriend. at first I was angry but it made me realize I was just a potential date to them. nothing more nothing less. they werent interested in being my best friend. it hurt at first but I don't care anymore.

    dont feel dumb at all. you have to protect yourself. and the guy is right it's the respectable thing to do. she probably said it was dumb because 1. she either viewed you as a friend or 2. she isn't a very honest girl and was hoping to do some flirting with you while with the guy she's with. some people may think its innocent but its not because feelings get involved and if her boyfriend found out he would be really angry at both of you mostly her though.

    either way would hurt you in the end if you know where your head and heart is towards her

    your a good guy not many guys are respectable enough to say I don't want to come in between that. continue to be true to yourself it isn't old fashioned

    sometimes you have to know better than what people say and just think "ik she said its dumb but I know better" and move on to the next girl on the market

    i hope I helped hang in there don't let people make you question yourself :)


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  • no. not dumb at all. you do exactly the right thing. but you know, girls too develop a weakness for their close friends. may for that reason she got a bit upset at you saying tht you wd maintain distance. if you can control yourself its fine. if you are really interested in any girl, approach her before another guy takes her in.

    • Well I would but like I said I live in a completely different country, thing is is that I was just talking to her yesterday saying that id like to come and see her eventually and id save up for a ticket if she could provide me with a place to stay, and she said that she's got guest room, but then today she's on a road trip with her new boyfriend :/

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  • Not dumb - respectful.

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