Do all men get angry when women bring their concerns to them?

i Haven't really seriously dated before my boyfriend and ik a few coworkers were like this.

For example my boyfriend made plans to come get me so I can bring my wiii over so we can hack it. he said I can't stay the night because of his mom so he agreed to get me early in the morning so I can go home early in the afternoon.

12 pm today still nothing. So I finaly called and he's in bed. I said (KINDLY) to please just let me know if he changes his mind about things so I don't wait on him. His internal clock wakes him up early every day so if he felt too tired I would have appreciated a phone call just letting me know not to look out for him because he is going to stay in bed.

which I would respect because I have lupus and I understand what it means to be tired.

He kept saying OK and brushing me off and then said he will hop in the shower.

i reminded him he said I can't stay over so its too late now because by the time he comes I would only spend only 1hr there before he'd have to take me home :/

he started saying how I should have woke him up and that if I didn't want him to come I should have said so first before everything else :/

i calmly explained how these plans were made between the two of us and I wish he were more proactive about them. I don't mind every once in a while but I always have to beg, bug, and encourage him to do things with me. If he doesn't want to I'd respect it if he were honest enough to tell me. but I sholdnt have to do that to make sure our plans happen.

especially if we both know he woke up looked at the time and rolled back over.

never the less I don't like it when he just agrees with me "uh huh okay" because he is just trying to shut me up instead of genuinely getting where I'm coming from

anyways is all men like this because a coworker was the same I told him I didn't appreciate something he did to hurt my feelings in front of everyone and he was like O H MY GOD

maybe I'm sensitive I don't know but do all men behave this way?

is it really so bad for me to come to you and ask you in a respectively way to just mention something you did that bothered me a bit? =.=

btw my boyfriend just sat on the fone for 30 min silent before he said "yeah so ima take a shower"

what am I doing wrong? I'm kindly speaking respectively and picking my words carefully !


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  • If you're constantly having to beg your boyfriend to hang out with you, it seems that he doesn't really want to hang out with you. And if he doesn't want to ever hang out with you, why are you guys dating, you know?

    It may be time to call this one quits... that's IF this is happening as often as you say it is. A few times of this or a phase of this isn't a big deal and is expected. But if it's happening all the time, this doesn't seem like much of a relationship.

    • Thanks for BA :-)

      I wish you the best.

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  • This guy needs a girlfriend that enjoys arguing and bickering. I don't think that person is you.

    He's also a momma's boy imo. You should find a guy who is more proactive in general.


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