The way he was looking at me

I was hanging out the guy I like and I don't know what it was but the way he was looking at me made my heart sink... It looked like he cared so much about me... What else could that look have meant?


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  • Well I think it depends on the situation you was in to make him look at you like that? Yes looks can mean a lot of lot of thigns especially looking into somebodies eyes. You can tell a whole lot by looing at a persons eyes or expressions.Also maybe he wanted to kiss you but depends on the situation. You probably looked hot to him and maybe it was one of those romantic moments that you see in the movies. How did you look at him?Did you smile?

    • I was smiling and blushing like crazy! I've never had anyone look at my like that!

    • If you were smiling and blushing a lot then this should had shown him that you liked him.Normally when a girl smiles and looks at a guy a lot it means she likes him.Well I hope somethign more can come from him looking at you with his look.

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