What kind of chest-hair are you sporting?

GUYS: please vote on what style of chest-hair you are currently sporting on your pecs!

  • I'm naturally hairless or thin-haired (so I don't usually shave).
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  • I completely shave as often as I can (or definitely when I know I'm going to tap something).
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  • I trim every now and then just to keep it in-check.
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  • I'm happy with the fur so I never (or don't usually) shave.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I do have hair on my chest, and I get very different reactions with the girls. Back then when I was working out, muscle and "pumped," I got pretty positive attention from the girls. I'm pretty sure they thought I was a very manly guy. But now that I stop working out and have shrunk down, some reacted as if I have poor hygiene.

    My response? I'd keep the hair on my chest anyway. Nature has intended me to be a MAN with a hairy chest and deep voice. Oh a side note, if you are hairy or have hair on your chest, then one of your ancestor originated from a very very cold place--Siberia. Back in history, it was soo cold that men had to evolve chest hair to endure Siberia, which is the coldest place on earth.

    Anyhow, I will not shave or wax my manliness off ;) The most I'll do is trim it a bit. The American culture is very clean fetish. It's like they're saying a man is only sexy when he is next to hairless.


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  • If you're muscular or at least trim and fit, I think the shaved look seems more consistent with the physique. But if you're pudgey or soft, the extra hair seems more fitting and comfortable (I think seeing a short, fat hairless guy might look a little odd, and sort of jaba-da-hut-ish).

  • Unless their a bear, I don't think guys should do anything to their chest hair

  • I hate you lucky hairless SOBs. Without shaving, I'm a bear, like Austin Powers kind of bear. It also feels better to me shaving it.

  • Funny, 1 girl voted.

    • Ya I know a couple girls that actually have to shave their chests (or at least pluck them)!

    • I think the only reason they took the poll was to see what the guys voted on

    • They should have an option for others to see what the poll results are without voting