Band NAME HELP?!?!?!?!

ohk so me and some friends started a band a few months ago and we still don't have a name i have some suggestions but i dunno here they are

mainstreet mayhem

down and out

crash and burn

dead or alive

fline high

soundcheck silence

and if you have any others hat you wouldn't mind giving up please shout them out I am very desperate


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  • i always wanted a band. my brother and sisters wanted us to start a band but it didn't work out. my bro was going to play lead and my oldre sis was going to play bass. my little sis was going to sing and I was on drums. didn't work out cause my older sibs didn't learn to play the guitar... -sighs- but we were going to call ourselves the native rings... or something like that.. but some nice names would be


    grim ring



    deadly silence...

    something like those... not very good but they sound awesome to me! : )

    P.S. if you guys become famous with any of the names someone gives you on this site, remembering us!


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  • um EverSilence! Or go with your pick Mainstreet Mayhem although I think there's a band like that out there!

  • ok sooo this is a random dream of mine to know a band called the Whitey Tighties (hah like the underwear, ya know?) you don't have to, its kinda stupid bu I think it would be awesome. But I guess it seems like your going for a different "feel" for your name. Soooo if you don't like my name, I reccomend finding one of those names that are a little more origianl or no one will remember you :(

    • Hahah the whitey tighties would be adorable not gonna lie =]

  • I like crash and burn or mainstreet mayhem.

    My friend came up with some: My Offering, Amistad, Black Amethyst, Artanis, and, Athea

    Or try something with the members of your bands names or something like that.


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  • grim tuesday