Do you think girls with cat eyes look bitchy/stuck up? Any makeup tricks to soften my features?

I think having angular eyes or cat eyes contribute to people thinking I'm stuck up and bitchy. I'm not mean or bitchy at all, I'm actually shy and sensitive :(

Even just walking into a room I see girls scoffing at me before even knowing what kind of person I am. Even nice people seem overly cautious around me and think I'm irritable. I have had people tell me that they thought I was mean. I think my features also deter guys, because I don't have an approachable girl next door look to go along with my girl next door personality.

And makeup and fashion experts, do you know of any tips and tricks that can soften my look and features?


Sorry guys, I don't mean cat eye makeup with eyeliner, I mean naturally cat-like eyes. I don't wear eyeliner at all


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  • Like Cromartie said, it could be more than just the appearance of your eyes, your expression and attitude really matters.

    But if you want to get rid of the cat eye look or just the "mean look in general", just use less make up, don't darken the outer corners of your eyes, but lighten the inner corners and use soft, warm colors on your eyelids. Lighten the area under your eyebrows and work on your skin avoiding foundation.

    Don't push it with he mascara either. A little bit, not to glue your eyelashes together and keep it darkest in the middle.

    Keep the lip colors light and soft, even try to lighten the lips if they are too red naturally, like mine are.

    I suggest some bangs if you think you would be comfortable with them, and a cute pin on the side, style your hair in a bun, braids, curl it.

    Keep your clothing modest and girly.

    And last but not least, smile! =D

    • I only wear mascara.

      People tell me I have cat eyes. I think its eyes that looks harsh and mean.

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    • I dress modestly :( Like almost completely covered up all the time. I wear a lot of dark colors though.

      I will try your makeup technique. I wear my hair in buns a lot, so maybe if I do the opposite and wear it down I will look softer?

    • Wear lighter colors.

      Dark colors make your face look paler and somehow more dry and rigid.

      Only a fief people with dark tans and hairs can really pull of clothes like that.

      If you wear your hair down, curling it in large locks will add to the softness of your overall appearance.

      Don't just let it fall randomly framing your face. Especially if it is really dark.

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  • As a man, I never understood the point of makeup, especially the cat eye look. Could you explain to me what it is supposed to portray. I know it's supposed to look like a cat but what is it supposed to do? Also, if you are confident with your body and face, don't let what others think of you, get to you. People are going to be people, just be you!

    • @status update: I still don't know what you mean. What are "cat-like eyes"?

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    • Almond shaped eyes... usually Mediterranean or Egyptian looking...

    • Can you show me this, as in a comparison with "regular" eyes?

  • Softening your face would require an image of your face since the severity of the look would be somewhat important to know. I am not asking for a photo, but rather just informing you; taht aside I are you entirely sure it's just your eyes? Do you smile often? Do you stand tall? How do your hold your head? Etc. Etc. Generally speaking unless the very first time you meet someone you get this reaction it's a lot more than one feature.


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  • No, I'm actually so jealous of those girls that can make it look neat and pull it off! I wouldn't think of the girl as stuck up but more like being creative with her makeup.

    To soften feature? maybe lighter color lip gloss, instead of smokey eye you can do a light natural color for the eyes.

  • I have naturally cat eye shaped eyes and that is interesting because many people do think I"m stuck up and bitchy before they meet me. I like my eyes and actually seek to play it up with makeup.

    To soften your cat eye look, do the opposite of what I do:

    obviously do not flick your liner out in the outer corners of your eyes!

    play up your lips more. go more natural on the eyes and do a bolder lip

    wear lighter/neutral shadows and a softer liner (brown, blue, green instead of deep browns and black)

    smudge your liner softly so it doesn't look like a harsh line

    wear white/cream/shimmery gold liner on the inner rim of your lower lash line to open and brighten your eyes. it makes it look rounder

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