Girls: why do some guys have gf's and some guys don't

this is a really confounding question.

there are single guys who are decent, good looking, intelligent, have a cool personality, but they just don't get women. they are virgins without ever having a girlfriend, kiss or date.

and then I see total nerds who get girlfriends. they aren't better looking, wealthier, smarter, more popular or any of that. yet even people you wouldn't expect would never get laid in a million years get girls, and I still can't.

i'm not typing this to be bitter. but just wondering what they have that I (and other people I know who have had the same complaints) do not have.

my guess is that they believed they had a chance, they actually tried instead of sitting on their ass, or they were at the right place at the right time


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  • A silly question. IT can be any number of reasons stemming from those other guys' opportunities, bravery, personality, intelligence, persistence, perceptive ability...

    Seriously, just like whattothink says, could you answer why some pretty and good girls don't have boyfriends? =/

    Though to be fair, from all the "good guys" I personally know to be single, they are mostly, because they share the two very repetitive traits: they act like doormats towards women, and/or are to scared to approach all together.


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  • Why do some girls have boyfriends and some don't? Find the answer to that and you will know.

    • well that's kind of why I'm asking it

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    • and what's that? are they missing a crucial aspect to getting those things, is it for lack of trying, or is it dumb luck?

    • Its all dumb luck and fate. From my experience at least. And maybe part effort.

  • I think most times it's just up to fate, really. For years I felt bad about myself for never having been kissed or even gone on a date. I think I just wasn't ready for it, even though I thought I was.


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  • There are many variables that would come into play, so there are lots of answers to why some guys have gf's and others don't. You're looking at lots of moving parts here.

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