Is he playing hard to get?

So I have this crush. He will talk to me non stop one day, and when he's talking to me he will look me straight in the eyes. And he will also make it a point to lean in closer to me or have some part of him (like his arm) close to me. But then the next day he won't so much as look at me. I'm so confused. Does he like me? Is he playing hard to get? Or is he just being friendly when he talks to me?


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  • Hey! :)

    I can honestly say I have personally been in this situation before, in fact only a few months ago. And it is most certainly not nice and confusing. I found out later, that the guy who had been treating me the same way as you - the eye contact, touching, and chatter- actually had liked me. But wanted ME to be be the one to chase him. But I was just confused and bewildered about what I should actually do. This resulted in my giving up on him, as he just cold stopped talking to me one day. Now, he's started back up again. But only because he thinks I have moved on.

    Really, I believe that the ball is in your court. Where this goes is up to you. Do you want to be in a relationship with this type of person? Do you want to be the one to make the first move? Do you honestly like him and want to be with him, playing the hard to get game?

    Hopefully this helps a bit! x

    Good Luck!


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