What do guys look for in a girl? And would you consider someone like me?

I'm still in high school and I've never kiss a guy. Guys don't seem to be interested in me. I'm smart and quiet at school. I'm not popular I'm average. I'm more of a tomboy than a girlie girl. Even though you can't tell from the way I dress. It so girlie to the point were it sickening, but I try to be different with my school outfits. (I go to a school with lightly enforced uniform policy) I'm average looking I guess. I play games such as halo, Cod, and minecraft. I'm not the best, but I still play. I even joined the basketball team even though I'm horrible. I have a great sense of humor, but it doesn't get any guy attention. Maybe I'm doing everything wrong. So I'm wondering what type of girl do guys look for?


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  • Funny, friendly and one who is not arrogant and rude


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