I get EXTREMELY jealous, do you think that's normal?

My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, and we will be for the next 5 months. I get SO jealous every time I see him be tagged in a photo with another girl on FB, even if it's an older photo and I know they are still friends. Especially if it's a photo where he is hugging a girl or touching her in any way. It just east my soul. Yes, you guessed, I am self-conscious about my looks and I constantly fear that if a better looking-girl comes along and is right there on the spot (meaning he doesn't have to wait for her like he has to for me), he might just be like "oh, OK, this is better" and dump me... Am I being irrational? Do you think he might still want to be with me even if he finds someone better looking who is also interested in him? He says he loves me very much and says it all the time and is just generally amazing, but that makes me paranoid that another girl might want to steal him away :/


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  • It just means that you're insecure and/or you don't trust your boyfriend. A little jealousy can be cute - a lot is annoying.


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