Girls, what would you think about a 22-year-old guy who looks 18 and acts 28?

I get this a lot from employers, friends and random strangers. Apparently I look younger than I am, but I come across as more mature than other guys my age. One guy recently told me I look 18 and act 28. That was before I even told him my actual age.

I was wondering what you girls would think of a guy like that?


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  • hmm , so , why do you look 18 ? is that because of what you wear or something? :D or just because you physically look younger ?

    if that is something you don't have anything to do with it so I don't think it could be a problem

    and about" acting 28 " I think it's better to act your age , that will always be the best ;)

    but if all these just because you are being yourself , so don't think too much about it , it's who you are , and any girl would accepts that gladly if she really loves you , I don't consider that a problem :)

    • Thanks for your answer.

      Yes, it's just that my face looks really young.

      Yeah, that's just my normal behavior.

    • so you are perfectly perfect just the way you are , I'm convinced that everyone is perfect ! :)

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  • I get the 22 looking like 18, but how do you figure 22 and acting like a 28 year old?

    • That's just what people tell me.