Are loose curls and waves basically the same thing?

I could never really tell much of a difference between the two. I would look in magazines, like Seventeen for example. They would have a pic of someone with loose curls and someone with waves. I would be like" The look the same."

What people will do for a few points. Smh, it's not that serious
If Neither of you cared, why the hell acknowledge and answer the question?


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  • Lol when I was younger, I used to call wavy hair slinky curls. To me, yes for the most part. Its just that waves are more open and sorta flat. Loose curls pop more. They're more 3 dimensional if I'm making sense.

    • Thank you for actually answering my question instead of giving a me bullsh*t answer

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  • They are whatever you define them to be

    • There is no irony because it was a random question. Something I was simply curious about. If my question is pointless, then so is half of the Questions in the "Style" and "Other" categories. I guess they have no live too. Questions like "what's your favorite this and that" "What do you think about that." So yeah.

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    • The fact that you had to find that and post a link to answer Q , shows that you don't have anything better to do. You probably have no life. It's easy to troll while anonymous huh.

    • this link is appropriate. of and by the way the fact that you have to ask such pointless questions shows that you have no life. so before you get angry think about the irony

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