Eye contact = interest?

I work with a woman who I really like, but I'm not sure whether she likes me. When I walk into the room she is in with other people she always looks at me. Also I spotted her looking at me today, I have spotted her before and we have maintained eye contact , but today whilst in the same room I looked up to notice her looking at me and she immediately shifted her eyes to the left to look away.

Could this be signs of interest?


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  • ahahah the infamous "eye shifting" classic.

    She obviously is a little shy towards you.Hence why she averted her eyes when you caught her.

    She most likely finds you attractive to some degree. If I were you I would make some type of move. Nothing too extreme though. Maybe next time try smiling at her, and see if she smiles back.


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  • I think so.

  • Well, it looks like she's interested in you.

    I doubt you suffer from any syndrome as to why she will be looking at you all the time.

  • -could be interested

    -you look liker her ex or somebody she knows

    -trying to remember where she's seen you before

    could be anything without other details.


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