Describe your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend

Include the following:


Hair color

Eye color

A rating of 1 - 10 where 1 is really good personality and bad looks and 10 is amazing looks with bad personality

Also any other details you wanna include...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Around 6ft

    light brown

    light blue


    honest all the time


    has good sense of humor but doesn't think everything is funny

    can be playful but knows when to be serious

    loves kids& animals

    open minded

    not religious


    not jealous

    gets along with all of my friends/ grandma

    emotional/mentally well

    intelligent but doesn't think he knows everything

    has a good/promising future

    doesn't always want sex

    loves me for me

    yes some will say this is a tall order but hey you asked what's the "perfect" boyfriend in my opinion. I know there is no such thing as a "perfect" person.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Height: I don't have an exact favourite height... but I am 5'4" and I would want him to be...say...5'7" or taller.

    Hair colour: I am a sucker for dark haired boys.

    Eye colour: reeeally doesn't matter.

    The rating one is a good one...I want to say four but I think I am secretely pretty vain :S

    4.5 :P

    I would want a guy who I could joke around with and have fun with, but also somebody who could be serious and have nice talks and pull me up when I'm feeling down.

  • Perfect boyfriend? Let me see...

    Height: probably close to around 6 ft., so that I would still be able to wear heels around him.

    Hair: dark to the point where it almost looks black. As for hairstyle, I think the messy look or styled in spikes is nice.

    Eye color: I think brown or green would be good. I would love it if he wore glasses!

    I can't really decide what to rate him, since it is based on looks and personality. Maybe around 5 for balance.

    I would like it if he were intelligent, funny, nice, had a great smile, and a bit of a nerd. I think that would be so cute! He doesn't have to be the most stylish dresser, but he must at least dress decently. He also must be willing to play video games with me.

    That's about it, really. Now that I think about it, the guy I described sounds very much like the guy I've had a crush on for the longest time... :P

  • he'ss about 5"7, he's got dark brown hair, brown eyes (maybe green) and he's got looks of about 7 out of ten, and his personality is a 9 out of ten (:

    and he'd be italian, able to carry me about, and would stand up for me to the end of the world.

  • Height: 5 foot 5ish

    Eyes: Green or Blue

    Hair: Brown to Black

    Rating: 1 to 5 Personality is worth the sacrifice of looks, and sometimes you don't find those often in one place.

    I'm Arab american, I am really into Arab boys or Jewish boys...sorry blondes

    • 5ft 5.... isn't that shorter or the same height as you or something?

    • Thats around my height. I'm 5ft 7.....short boys got my love.

  • Height: 5' 8" - 6' 6"

    Hair Color: Dark brown

    Eye Color: Brown

    Personality/looks number: looks don't totally matter as long as I can click with them

    Good sense of humor



    Programmer, gamer, otaku, and/or nerd

    Into music

    Somewhat down to earth

    Likes sports

    Sweet, but not too lovey-dovey, but also not afraid to show me he cares

    Honest, no matter what


What Guys Said 1

  • 5'6-10" (im 6'2")

    not bothered


    Intelligent but not more than me.


    Not too girlie

    Either she loves football (soccer) or she does not care.. absolute NO between because I can't stand watching a sport with someone asking questions... or "he is fit, nice chest...etc"

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