Ladies be honest are only some guys worth your time?

Just curious do you get upset when non good looking guys check you out? In other words you see a guy who's a 4 or 5 on a scale from 1-10 checking you out but you feel uncomfortable that he's checking you out over someone who's a 8 or 9? There are times I'll see a good looking girl so I'll look at her and she'll just either ignore me or give me dirty looks. This seems to happen more and more.


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  • I do not give them a dirty look, except I did only once because I was sad depressed mood anyways and did not want to be bothered especially by that person who was a stranger at school staring at me and getting ready to approach. It is weird cause the dirty look it was just a reaction due to being a bad mood but I am not actually. like that. I am really sensitive and I have respect for everyone, I would never do anything to intentionally hurt someones feelings. If a guy is checking me out and I'm not interested I would ignore him, so that I am not giving off mixed signals or the wrong impression. The only time I would feel uncomfortable is if the person interested had a clear mental issue and/or gives off a bad unsafe vibe, other than I would just ignore, but if the guy approach me and he was not suffering from mental issues or unsafe - I would be polite and talk to him and carry a conversation with him.

    In the past I would get super wrapped up into one guy even if it is just crush and once I get like that, I do not see other guys good looking or not, as worth my time because I'm so stuck one guy/idea.

    • Women are always ignoring me, I sometime feel like I have to commit a crime like murder or robbery to get a woman to noticed me. Sad thing is if I ever did do that I would get a lot of ass. But I'm not like that so there's nothing for me to do but be ugly and fat.

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    • I admit now things are a bit easier because I am older and worked on the stuff I did not like about myself. I do not mean to act as if see things from your point of view because I am not in your shoes. I spent most of my life feeling ugly and having people call me ugly and I was overweight. I ham far from perfect, but I have changed and now when I go out it is totally different story. Maybe hope is naive but that is what I have for most people that felt the way I felt.

    • Finally a female who understands thanks for answering my question.

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  • It really depends on how they look at me. Anyone can make me uncomfortable if they're staring at me up and down like I'm a piece of meat. Doesn't matter if they're a 3 or a 10. But quick glances or a subtle look? I don't really care that much. But if I'm in a bad mood, I'll pretty much look angrily at just about anyone who crosses my path, hahahah.

  • Thing is I try to ignore most guys who I catch checking me out, especially those who look daring. I just don't like to be approached in public, makes me feel like I have to be nice/act interested whether I actually am or not because, you know, it IS quite brave to walk up to somebody in public and then I'd feel guilty for rejecting them.

    • So how are guys suppose to approach you if you don't like them doing so in public?

    • I prefer meeting people through mutual friends, but the thign with people approaching me in public is that they always kind of beat around the bush, asking me for the time or if I speak French or whatever to lure me into talking to them. I'd much prefer if they were just up front about it like "Hey, I think I like you, would you like to tell me your name?" because then I don't have to act all friendly but can just be honest. Once you have started a real conversation, it's hard to just walk away.

  • If a guy I don't like looks at me I will give them a dirty look. Why? Because I don't want them to aproch me. In other words I'm not interested.

    • Sad thing is if you say me you'd probably laugh if I approached you or run in the other direction.

    • I would never laugh at a guy who actually gives an effort to approach somebody. I also would not run away. Thrutfully if I was in a good mood I would have a conversation even if I was not interested. If you think girls would do this maybe your not approaching the right girls.

    • Seems like women and girls I see are always in bitchy moods. Its like I always get stuck with the ones who are on PMS? lol. Trust me I'm not that good looking so I know I wouldn't get far with any women. I disagree with you talking to a guy even if you were not interested that sends the wrong message to the guy or guys. I've been there and it sucks thinking a girl like me and than she tells me she doesn't. That's why I hate approaching because 10x out of 10 I'm never their type.

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