Changing moles question?

I have a little mole on my leg, and I'm not sure if it has changed or if it's just bruised. I looked yesterday and then it looked normal. Can moles change that fast?



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  • I don't think moles change I have so many around my body - thighs, lower backs, arms, shoulders.

    They don't change must be something else. It's probably bruised try keeping ice packs upon it.


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  • Did something happen to your leg since yesterday? Maybe you bumped it on the table or something, that you didn't really notice but that it does show by a bruise? Depends on how it looks, does it look bigger or darker or do the edges of it look different?

    • I might have bumped it itno something - do you know if it's possible for it to change so fast? I usualyl have a little oval mole smooth around the edge at around one cm. Now it looks 1.5-2cm and isn't smooth, well, not in the "new" part at least. It's not really darker, but it hurts a tiiiny bit when I press it.

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    • Only the new part hurts, and yeah, I might go see one p

      Thx for the answer

    • You're welcome, and good luck :)

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