I Think I would like to give up with relationship. its confusing and get my nerve

i just got one point about dating. Never approach or go pursue a girl if you don't have good physical appeal. its just wasting your time and your mind and money. I really tired with this situation. I need to think who will be best for me, not pursue the best in physical appearance or what stuff. I am the one who always get hurt, I think I need to stop it and enjoy my single life. just ignore all girl that I have pursuing. just stop it and being myself and don't think pursue them.


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  • Enjoy your single life, I agree with that! It's about not really caring about finding a girl, settling down and all that. They say love comes when you least expect it, when you stop looking for it. Well, I already found that looking for someone to love is a waste of time, with every person you meet you'll get your hopes up, "maybe this is it?", when a few days or weeks later, there isn't even a text anymore. I'd say, just go out with your friends or by yourself, have fun, and don't focus on finding a girl and dating. I've been single for a while now and at first I was looking for a guy too, but then you lower your standards and you'll settle. Love isn't a feeling where you should settle. Call me an idiot, but I still believe in real love, and I'd rather find real love in 10 years than a love I settle for in one year.

    Don't pursue girls, if you meet girls while going out, see them as potential friends, get to know them and all that and don't think "I'm not attractive, they won't date me". If YOU don't find yourself attractive, why would someone else think so? Being attractive has a lot to do with confidence and how you wear and show yourself. I think it's more important to love yourself first and accept yourself as you are, and then you have that extra person in your life.

    • i like your posting. never get jealous and put emotional too much, just being nice and friend.

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  • Like I've said to you before: learn about body language and flirting signals!

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