Why is he acting different all of a sudden?

I like this guy at my job and I get the feeling he likes me too but he's been acting differently so it's really hard to tell.

When I first started working there, this guy would always say "hello", joke with me about being on my phone all the time or just simply ask me how I'm doing whenever he walked past me, he seemed very friendly and confident. But for the past few weeks he's been acting differently. Now whenever he walks by, he walks with his head down or if we're alone in the same room, he'll talk to me but won't look at me. Also, earlier today when he saw me coming he looked away and continued to talk to his co-worker but when his co-worker acknowledged me by saying "hey, how are you?" he did the same. Why didn't he say first hello when he saw me instead of looking away? Why is he acting so different?


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  • maybe he thinks you dint respond well to him and he has made a fool of himself in front of you


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