Subtle looks everyday from a guy.. Help?

Hey everyone,

So to start off, I just recently moved to a new town to start college. (Incase your curious, college has been great so far, haha.) So, there is a really cute guy that is in two of my classes. He introduced himself to me last week (partly because I think he knew I was to nervous too.) and is really talkative. The thing that stumps me is that whenever he talks to me he lowers his voice almost to a whisper. Whenever I am in his class he acts like he wants to sit by me and I can totally tell by the look on his face. Whenever I talk to him or anyone mentions my name his neck turns red. I don't know if that is even good or bad lol. He is really polite and holds the door open for me or puts his foot in the elevator all of the time. I was looking down at my book in the hallway today and I was sitting across the hall from him. When I looked up he was looking at me. A split second later I looked at him and just smiled and he looked away really fast. He had a look in his eyes like he wanted to say something but I don't know what. We only see each other twice in a day and I want to get to know him better but I don't know how. HELP!

(PS thanks for reading this long drawn out story.. Props to you if you made it all the way through. :))


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  • Good good, these are all very positive signs. He is outgoing, or seems that way but is shy when it comes to people he likes romantically.

    He likes you!

    • Thanks for the answer! Appreciate it! :)

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    • nervous giggles

    • I think it's just precious when he does it though. lol. It's good to get another guy's insight because I'm obviously a girl and have no idea what guys mean. it's all foreign to me! ha I just hope he really does like me. I'll build up courage eventually to talk to him as soon as I find out if he has a girlfriend or not.. :/

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