Ever though someone would be perfect for you than found out otherwise?

I meet this girl and though she'd be the perfect girlfriend for me and she lived just down the street but after some success it all fell apart and she lost interest and got annoyed at me and I started to realize she wasn't as perfect as I though . I look back and wonder how I got it so wrong as she seemed to be everything I was looking for in a girl but it failed to materialise into something


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  • Maybe your expectations for her were too high. You probably imagined an image of her in your mind of how you wanted her to be but she didn't turn out to be the way you wanted her. Which is probably why things between you two didn't work


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  • why did she loose interest and got annoyed at you?

    • its a long story but there seemed to be a long list of things I did that annoyed her , from a Facebook email , to talking to her gf's when she wasn't there , fact I went to pub a bunch of times where her sister worked when she wasn't with me , to trying to spend too much time with her when I saw her at bar , I sent her a couple texts that annoyed her , there was a lot of things I did this summer that annoyed her

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    • i don't know she went back to school but if I hadn't made the mistakes we likely would of at least went on a few dates and possibly went further , I could of seen it happening but as I said everything I did seemed to annoy her and nothing went right , I don't think she disliked me personally just my behavior seemed to send the wrong message at times

    • We always form an image of the people we like, we like you for certain reasons, if those reasons are proven wrong by your behavior, we get disappointed, loose our respect to you or trust (which is given at the beginning of any relationship until proven otherwise)...it's hard to fix, I don't know how you could possibly fix it.

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