You look young?

i'm 19, he thinks I'm 21 and told me "you look young for your age". He's 30. is this a complement? I REALLY like him, so could he like me too?


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  • well if your 19 .. and he thinks

    you don't look 21, because

    you really aren't 21, that must

    mean that you look like a 19

    year old.

    hes 30, if a 19 year old girl

    hits on him, odds are, hes

    gonna wanna get in your

    pants.. but it sounds like

    you wanna get in his pants

    too, so you can do whatever

    you want


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  • If someone tells another person they look young for their age, its a compliment ^_^


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  • Why do you like him? Is he rich? Is he funny? What's the truth behind the infactuation? What are you going to do when he wants to go to a club? If you really like him for the right reason, tell him the truth. Don't wait "until the time is right". I dated a guy who lied abou this age. Had he told me the truth after a few dates, I would have shrugged it off. Many people fudge a little on their age at some point. However, he waited until months of dating to tell me the truth. I could never trust him again. This could happen to you.

    • He's funny and cute and nice and we have so much more in common than I've ever had with anyone else.