What do guys look for physically in a woman?

I know that all guys like different things but you are walking past a girl on the street what kinda things do you look for


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  • I can't speak for all guys but I love girls that have their own style without being vain, short hair can look killer on the right girl too, and makeup that looks good without looking plastered on.


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  • Facial structure, how she walks, where she's looking, whether she smiles at me.

    Body shape, fat percentage is kind of important to me as well (sorry to be shallow but just being honest!).

    Lastly, t*ts, hips, waist, and ass. If she happens to have an unbelievable ass or set of gams, then those will have more of an effect on how attracted I am to her. Same thing if she has no t*ts (and I mean like none here, A cup is plenty of boobage for me) or flabby legs/ass.

  • first thing I look at is legs. I'm a sucker for muscular legs. then the way she is dressed and then, if she has any, tattoos

    • Tattoos Good or bad? ;)

    • i like tattoos. but I also like the tought/story behind the work.

  • Good hair. does have long legs. and good boobs. Nice voice.


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