What is your style, and what style do you think looks best on the opposite gender?

What type of clothes do you wear? What type of clothes do you think look best on the opposite gender? Do the people you like/hang out with tend to have the same style as you do?


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  • I wear very feminine clothes. My favorites are boat neck tops, pencil skirts, sundresses, sweater dresses, and dressy tops. I also accessorize with belts and chokers and dangling earrings. For shoes, I am normally wearing heels or flats.

    On the opposite gender, I think they look good in fitted clothes.I really don't like it when they are wearing clothes that are too big and baggy with their pants sagging. I don't really care what their style is as long as what they are wearing hang on them right and that what they are wearing is clean and well put together. I also really love seeing guys all dressed up in a tux, of course, guys cannot wear them all the time.

    My friends have a totally different sense of style from me. We're a very strange and mixed up group of friends, and we all have different trends that we follow. One of my friends follow the emo style, another follows goth, another dresses in a tomboy/sporty style, another one does the Harajuku style, another dresses punk, another dresses "normally", and so on. I'm the girly girl of the group, so imagine all of us hanging out together. We always get strange looks from people, but it's fun. ^-^

    • Your group of friends remind me of mine =D Thanks for the answer

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    • Haha I thought so. Wow, that's great, your friends sound funny :P

    • It's so weird how people can just go up to someone and say something so uncalled for. :/ And yeah, I love them! lols! For some reason, they are always trying to protect me and call me their little sister, even though I'm slightly older than them. ^^;

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  • I like to dress up in a skirt or dress. it's kinda summer right now, so a tank and some denim capris. I like wearing wedges, peep toes or pumps. as long as the incline isn't too high. shirt dresses are cute too.

    I think guys who look presentable are ok. I dont' really care about what style they have, as long as it is well put together, everything matches, it suits him, there is colour coordination lol or just a plain t shirt and jeans is fine with me.

  • i guess you could call my style artsy. I travel a lot and have clothes from all over the world that I work in with my other stuff, which I buy from h&m and j. crew mostly. I wear lots of grey and I usually am the first to try a new trend (which I quickly abandon once it catches on haha). for example, today I'm wearing a grey-blue cotton drop-waist dress (kind of victorian looking) with chesnut-colored gladiator sandals, a flower pinned in my hair, and big tortoiseshell granny glasses.

    on guys, I like to see individuality. I've never been interested in guys that wear american eagle or hollister...i prefer a more indie-rocker look. the guys that wear flannel and have long hair. hippies.

    my friends and I dress alike in the sense that we all have very different styles...none of us are really into the "normal" look (uggs, vera bradley, hollister).

  • my fav on guys is punk. skinny jeans are sooooooooo hot. my last boyfriend was punk... always wore skinny jeans, band tees, studded belts, diy hoodies, and he had an 8 inch blue mohawk =)

    otherwise just normal I guess. regular t-shirt and jeans type of guy. that's usually the type I go for actually.

    me personally... I dunno. I have kind of a lot of different styles and tastes. I'm all over the board.

  • my style goes between preppy and edgy. I love lily pulitzer and ralph lauren but I also love maison martin margiela, yohji yamamoto and japanese designers. so I guess I don't have one definitive style, but a mix of a few.

    on guys, honestly my favorite look is a button down and jeans. I don't really like tshirts, I like polos on guys instead. but whatever theyre into is cool

  • i wear what I call "survival clothes"- just a boring sweatshirt with a tshirt beneath it and jeans for the most part. I want to lose weight so I always think I should wait to get flattering clothes until then. Stupid thinking- but I'm still like that. I wouldn't reccommend having this mindset at ALL tho.

    For guys, I think just jeans and a tshirt really, but ones that fit nice and have colors that compliment his skin tone. Its really the hair, body, face, how he wears it with confidence that matters.

    Nah. I'm a very visual person, so having a bunch of friends who dressed in survival clothes like me would make me feel bored. I know...is hypocritical and shallow, but just being honest. The two girls I hang around with most are very into fashion. One is very feminine and likes to make things look cute, girly, and coordinating. The other dresses in well-fitting, modern clothes that don't look too overdone giving that "i look fabulous without having to care so much about what I wear" vibe.