Guy assumed I am the cooking type, is this sexist?

or could he think I'm the wifey type? insult or compliment?

one time there was an event at our school and it was going to be a religious holiday so he goes "can you go? or are you just going to be too busy cooking?"

i never told him I cook and we go to a professional school where a lot of women are let's say not the homemaker type.

is he making a sexist joke? does he think of me as the housewifey type?

is it an insult or not? personally I am kind of old fashioned and I wouldn't mind being a stay at home mom. I have a crush on him too.

i'm not really offended by it, I just wonder if it means he thinks I am a wife type of girl?


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  • It HAS to be sexist. I mean, really. Domestic skills like cooking, house cleaning, gardening, clothes washing and ironing and the rest of it are so backwards! They all demean a modern, liberated girl like you and are very much beneath you. Everybody knows that the important things along with career are hair, clothes, make-up and being absolutely sure there's no 5-oclock shadow down below. Not to mention the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine's article on the most wicked sexual moves that will make his testicles explode. That sexist Neanderthal probably thinks some enslaved (they just don't know it yet) girls actually take pride in domestic skills. Don't be pulled in by this sexist pig. Stand your ground! Be vigilant! Do not ever let a man think you might be a "housewifey type". What a fukking insult. You are so much better than that.

    Look around, honey. See all the brown skin foreign girls with American guys? They are the cure for western feminism. Increasingly, we will play with you while we are young and enjoy your easy sexuality in spite of the sociopolitical baggage. But when its time to settle down, have an orderly household and raise a family, we will look to the far east and spend the necessary money on air travel, visas and the support of Mom and them over there. It will be expensive, but far less so than the eventual vicious divorce you would have planned when prosperity hits. The puxxy will be good while we are young, but marry you and let you raise children? Good G0d no!

    • Guys who go for foreign girls often struggle with women in general. So they go to another country and end up with women who are at the bottom of the food chains in their countries. Guys who do that are typically less attractive so it's not seen as a loss to white American women

      Btw interracial marriages make up less than like 10% of marriages in the us

      And no, I'm not white. And yes, I do all that stuff for my bf

    • Bottom of the food chain need love and hope too. Uglies bumping uglies can be happy ever after. And there may be an inverse relationship between attractive men and good men. But I like your spirit.

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  • I don't think it's an insult. It's just a vibe you give off, whether or not it's true.

    Maybe you've given him some other reason to think that. Do you bring your lunch to school? Are you a foodie? There's tons of things he might've misconstrued as a clue.

    Just ask him what he meant flat out.

    • definitely not a foodie and I usually buy my lunch.

      he said it in a joking way. does this mean he just thinks I'm the marriage type?

    • Perhaps... Hard to say.

  • very hard to tell ... if I have to guess, I'd say sexist joke ... but I'm anything but sure

  • I have no idea what he meant. For all I know he was confused and thought you were a good cook.

  • its hard to figure such things out ..

  • it doesn't mean anything.. it was just something he said in the moment. There isn't a secret formula of meanings behind everythign a guy says

  • wtf? Only a woman would sit here and turn a harmless joke into something offensive.. *facepalm*

  • It's too bad that being told you can cook is considered sexist and an insult. I can cook, would that make me gay? Times sure have changed...

    I am sarcastically trying to say don't be so offended by his comment ;)


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  • I think it can be taken either way. Like the other two people said, it can just be an impression you give off based on your behavior. Or, he could have insulted you since he said "can you go? or are you just going to be too busy cooking?". To be honest, it just sounded like he was making a joke. Maybe a little offensive, but I don't think he was really insulting or complimenting you.

  • He sounds like he's just making a joke

    guys usually think I can cook b.c I'm quiet, nice and maybe he thinks that too? If you're like that..idk

    • i'm definitely not an aggressive type of girl, I'm soft and sweet to people. I'm harmless but in my profession that's not always the best thing haha