Who likes to put chameleons on plaid cloth?

By that I mean, try to push things to their limits.

My mom always said, "Give a boy a toy, and they will try to break it!"

So, was she right? is it a gender thing? To test the limits of things, and see how they perform under extreme challenges?

Like, as a a boy, I was around when solar powered calculators first came out. The first thing I did was take it under very low light conditions, and tried to see if it could still perform.

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Give a boy a toy submarine, and the first thing he will do is try to see how deep it can go.

It's something on the Y chromosome...
Just like the desire to pee off of high bridges, I posit that it is strictly male behavior...but girls who disagree, feel free to vote otherwise.


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  • I think you are right about it being a guy thing...for example, when I buy a new camera or gadget, I just start using it without any question...but some of the men in my life will figure out everything that the gadget can do before using it. The breaking stuff apart thing is right too. I have never felt the need to tear something apart to see how it works, but there quite a few radios and alarm clocks that met their end as a result of my brother's exploration


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