Why so many different Style of skirts ?

Ladies Skirts we have - Pencil Skirts , Tweed Skirts , Circle Skirts , Mini Skirt , High Waist skirts , back , front or side slit Skirts , etc etc...as the list goes on.

What's the purpose of ladies having so many different types of skirts ?

Some skirts come with netting underskirt & the purpose for having the net ?

Isn't half slips to be worn under the skirt a better choice instead of having net attached to a skirt ?

Some skirts have slits & the purpose of a slit ?

For guys : which type of skirts do you prefer your girlfriend / wife to wear ?

When my girlfriend wears different type of skirts , it seems to have different effects and feeling for me. Is that normal ?

Long , Tight , Short , Loose ?


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  • Different skirts for different occasions. All about modesty and the proper wear in different places


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  • Different skirts set different tones! Pencil skirts are more form fitting and professional, while... what the heck are tweed and circle skirts?

    Well, longer flowy sorta skirts make me feel more child-like and fun, and it all just depends on the mood!

    slits, at least for pencil skirts, help girls walk, otherwise their legs could hardly move at all, lol

    but slits in longer skirts are there to show off our legs and be sexier, I guess?

    i've never had a net under my skirt, but it sounds like it's there to give the skirt more of a poof? unless it's just like... pabric netting, then I have no idea.

    woops sorry, I'm not much help

    • circle skirts are basically another word for a skater skirt, look up skater skirt

    • also, I don't think shorter skirts have slits because it allows them to walk better, I think tonger skirts are slitted for that reason because they don't allow the knee cap to do what its supposed to do. I think the slit in shorter ones are for sexiness and style

  • It's because different skirts flatter different body types the best

  • it is the same thing as pants, there are different types for every occasion


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  • Because people like options. How would you like to wear the same clothes every day? What kind of troll question is this?