I have seborrheic dermatitis , but can't really use shampoos

I know I should talk to a doctor but can't until I get home. I haven't been diagnosed but I think I have. My scalp is always flaking up and it doesn't look like "regular" dandruff. It's yellowish and looks caked on my scalp, which causes it to itch a lot. "Cradle cap" came to mind and I just looked up the symptoms this morning. Before then, I would try oiling my scalp (not with grease or petroleum bases products) and that didn't work.

I typically don't use shampoos because they severely dry out my scalp and hair. I have tried diluting them, sometimes heavily. I've tried sulfate free. I've tried head and shoulders and selsun blue. I've tried my sister's prescribed dandruff shampoo for a week. I've tried cleansing my scalp with apple cider vinegar. None of these worked for me. The longer my hair gets, the worse it "seems" to get.


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  • Go see a dermatologist.

    • I said that I know that I need to talk to one but I can't right now

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  • do you eat healthy? I strongly feel diet has a huge impact on the health of hair..

    • Yes I do.

    • I know I need to go to a dermatologist to seer if I really have it.i have the sypmtoms but google the image, And my scalp doesn't look like that. But I can't really tell because of all of my hair

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