How do I know if this guy likes me?

Ok so this guy in my guitar class named miller I really like him and I've caught him staring at me before and he always looks away and he started sitting closer to me and one day last week he sat beside me and someone asked him why he sat there and he said because there's no more seats but there was a lot of empty seats and then today my friend was sitting beside me and she told me at the end of class that she thinks he likes me because every time I wasn't looking and I was practicing my guitar she would look over and he would be looking at me and he was like that all of class but I don't know so help what do you think I'm completely lost on what to do so please tell me what you think and what you think I should do



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  • he might be interested in you so I would say you should take the lead and talk to him. He might be the shy type.

  • I'd find ways to interact with him more.


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