Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, looking for advice and opinions.

Has anyone had this surgery, or know someone who has?

Or knee replacement?

I have had many joint problems mainly with my knees, and I have been looking into this surgery.

Just looking for advice and opinions...


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  • My advice is to stay off it for a while after the surgery. :P

    Seriously, though, I work at a retirement home and I know many residents who have had various joint and replacement surgeries. The important things afterward are plenty of rest, to give your body time to heal, and to keep it elevated and iced to reduce swelling.

    You're young so you should recovery quickly.

    Best of luck if you decide to go for it, these kinds of surgeries have come a long ways and are much less complicated than they used to be.


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  • My aunt has both her knees replaced. She's 84 though.


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  • Your way to young for knee replacement surgery. With knee replacement they only last maybe 10, 15 years. Then you will have to a revision sometime in your future, then they only last 10, 15 years. So I really don't believe a surgeon will perform such a advanced procedure at your age.

    The knee arthroscopy, will be the way to go. Just make sure you tell them to clean it up good. Good luck to you.

    • My knee caps aren't attached so they slide out which is very painful, They wanted me to have surgery when I was in high school, but I wanted to finish growing to see if the problem would correct itself. It has not. They have slipped out probably over 10 times. Each time I am pretty disabled and have to use crutches for a few weeks, so its becoming a more increasing problem. I have tried many different therapys and other tactics to resolve the problem but it only gets worse. other suggestions?

    • Dislocated knee caps, ouch. Not sure what they do for that. Sounds like your ligaments are all out of alignment. So what have the surgeons suggested to you? I am not a surgeon but I don't believe total knee procedure is an option for you. Sorry this has happened to you. Pain really sucks the big one.

    • well the arthroscopic surgery would tighten ligaments so it would make it much harder to dislocate the knee, there is still a chance of it happening after surgery but it is very slim. I know that I'm young but I am limited in what I can physically do because of the possibility of dislocation, so this surgery would allow me to be able to be more active and do more! hopefully! thanks for the advice!

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