How do you create this look? I have zero makeup skills.

How do you create this look? I have zero makeup skills


How does one do this ^^^


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  • Try looking at videos on YouTube.

    But essentially to do that, you need 3 colors. A coppery color, a more taupy/grey one which is a bit metallic, and a matte black.

    The key is blending. So apply the first color all over, then with a fluffy blush blend the edges so you don't have a harsh line. Also take this color under your lower lash line and blend again. Then the mid color would go on the outer 2 thirds of the eye, not quite as high as the first, again blend. Then use the black like eyeliner, but a little more smudged.

    Then plenty of black mascara.

    And don't forget to wear a pencil eyeliner on the top and bottom water lines.


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  • This video might help you: ^.^

  • I would try to do that by taking tw shades, one darker than the other, applying the lightest one on the whole lid and around the whole eye, then applying the darker one around the whole eye but just to the middle of the lid, then applying eyeliner and smudging it

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