Is this lust ? She wants sex?

Idk I always catch her eyes on my face lol. Ever since school restarted never talked to her besides asking her for an eraser and she made an awful joke out of it and I didn't laugh, but I don't know how to describe it but its kinda weird. Like we were walking by each other she was like 50 cm from my face looking at me deep into the eye, I thought I had something in my face went to the bathroom nothing was there lol. Problem is I have a crush on another girl who does the same weird stuff to me (plus some other things, giggling with her friend they both looked away when I caught them today it was so funnyyy lool) and I am planning on talking to her. NOw I know you will say she likes me but she seems like she is 24 and I'm 19 and look 17-18.


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  • Well you don't know for sure yet. I find it comical that you think she wants the D because she laughs at your or stares at you. Just talk to her and ask her out on a date to see if she's interested. Stop looking into things. MAN UP! If she's not interested then she's not and then you can move on with your life. That simple.

    • But anyone can stare. Hers is just DIFFERENT she stares deep into my eyes, I know it. Why Man Up? Its not like I'm interested in her lol

    • now you might be wondering why am I asking it ? Because I want people to agree with me

    • You ask so people agree with you? If you're not interested in her then brush it off and move on.

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