Girls looking at me from a distance and then don't pay attention to me when I'm near them?

Why is that?

Why do you girls do that? What's the point?


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  • They could be shy. From a distance, it won't be as obvious that she's staring at you as If she were next to you. If a guy makes me nervous I probably won't pay much attention to him if I was near him. If I was on the other side of the room or something, I'd look. :D

  • haha :D sometimes girls act that way to provoke you , to make you want her more , Idon't know if it works every time or not , but I remember did that with some guy and it worked :D although we broke up after 6 years :D

    • So you would pretty much agree with this "If a girl is staring at you but then doesn't pay attention to you once you're right near her, then she's waiting for you to "make the first move" and it's up to you to take it or leave it."?

      And I've noticed this a lot for my self - you girls really don't like making eye contact with us guys when we are close to you, do you ?

    • ya she's waiting for you to make the first move :D I think she likes you :D

      and about " the eye contact " thing , that's true :D because my eyes tell a lot :D

    • This is my general observation over few months in my college (so no girl in particular); sadly very few girls have the balls to give me eye contact up close. And sadly I have no idea what to say to break the ice :) I'm a good looking shy guy, so that's my problem in a nutshell :) But seems that many body language books have way too much importance on eye contact, as that is mostly given out from you girls from far away :/

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