What is making me look younger than my age?

So I've been talking to this guy and we hung out yesterday, it was really nice and he's amazing. He's 19 going on 20 and I'm 18. So near the end of the date he walks me home and he ask me how old I was cause he said I look 16... He was like "I don't want to get arrested or anything, so I'm just double checking." Lol I don't know why I look younger. I had on a nice shirt with jeans and converse when we hung out. Also he's really tall, he's 6'2 while I'm 5'5.


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  • In the late teens, the best tip off of a girl's age is how well developed her womanly curves are. How big are your boobs and how does your ass/hips region look? The flatter and straighter, the younger you'll look.

    • I'm not skinny, I have curves. I think it's my face cause I have chubby cheeks lol

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    • I have a D cup so that's not the problem

    • Nope--that's DEFINITELY not a problem! ;-)

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  • You're 18, you look like 16. I don't see what you mean.

    If you were 25 and looked like 16, I could understand the question.

  • how could we possibly know what makes you look young without a picture? smh.

    • Maybe you can put your opinions on what makes a girl look young...

    • ok but those would just be generalizations. maybe there's something specific about you, the way you wear your hair or dress, etc.

    • I would post a picture but I don't really links, only from like Facebook and Instagram but I don't want to put my business out. But thanks for answering.

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