Why would you stare like this?

There is this guy that I don't know but see a lot. Whenever I am walking past him he stares at me with a blank face. I thought he was staring past me but he made eye contact and didn't look away. I looked up and down countless times thinking he had stopped and he didn't. This isn't the first time either, this is the first time it was that intense but there have been other times where he was staring or running past me and turning to see if I was looking and I didn't mind until now . I couldn't tell if he was annoyed or if he liked me but it was kinda scary. Why do you think someone would stare like that?


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  • Easy,

    Sociopaths stare like that when they stalk their prey, usually not blinking as well . Your "GUT " feeling maybe right and shouldn't be ignored. Got any pepper spray handy ? Watch "Criminal Minds "on TV for the stare ...xxx

    • No but now I'm gonna get some. That is interesting and creepy. Thanks!

    • Your Welcome , The stare and the stone cold face faking emotion is a big clue . Trust that gut feeling as it's a " Psychic " warning that something is wrong or danger etc. xxx

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  • either he liks you or he is just the type of person that stares a lot